Peru Summer 2025 Information

Llama, Machu Picchu


Dates, prices, and excursions are still being finalized; please check back here later for more details. You can also request to be placed on our Peru Summer 2025 contact list to receive emails about when information will be available by emailing Patty Warne, Study Abroad coordinator, at


  • You’ll be based in Cuzco, Peru for approximately 5-6 weeks beginning in early June 2025.
  • Your classes will be HIST 8.1 (Latin America to 1830) taught by Laura Larqué and SPAN 50A (Conversation for Beginners) taught by Noelina Gomez. (Students who have already taken these classes will take an Independent Study class instead.)
  • The classes will be combined with several field trips that will be included in the cost of the program. You’ll be able to see:
    • Numerous historic, archeological, and spiritual sites of the Inca Empire and other Native American civilizations of South America;
    • Spanish colonial architecture;
    • The breathtaking UNESCO World Heritage site of Machu Picchu.
  • An optional flight package will be available at additional cost.
  • Transportation will be included for all field trips.
  • Student medical insurance will be included as outlined in the AIFS brochure.
  • The program will be open to students age 18 and older with a cumulative GPA of 2.00 or more.