Past Programs and Testimonials

Past Programs and Testimonials

RICH History of SRJC’s Study Abroad Program

Since the inception of SRJC’s Study Abroad program in 1987, more than 1,500 students and counting have participated. Our program has included semester-length destinations to London, Paris, Florence, and Spain, and currently it alternates between London and Barcelona in the fall, and offers Florence each spring.

SRJC has also provided 5-6 week summer programs to such destinations as Rome, Salamanca, Mexico, China, Oxford, Costa Rica, and southern Italy, and we are currently offering Ireland for Summer 2024.  



The students who participate in our Study Abroad program return not only with the knowledge, skills and cultural experiences that they acquired while abroad, but many describe their experiences as literally life-changing. Here’s what some recent participants had to say:

The study abroad experience is one that will always stay in my heart. Those three months were life-changing, and have changed my perspective. It took me out of my comfort zone, and burst the familiar bubble I had been living in. I will always be able to recall my moments watching FC Barcelona at the legendary Camp Nou, or shopping around in La Boqueria surrounded by strange fruits and other assortments of food. The museums were a delight, and even walking the common streets I was able to see magnificent architecture and street art. The program allocated time for me to enjoy other amazing cultures and countries such as Iceland and Morocco. The lifestyle is different, and I believe that it is important for people to experience living through a different set of eyes. The study abroad experience anywhere in Europe, and especially in Barcelona, is one that should not be passed up, and will create lifelong memories for anyone.

             ---Daniel Dwyer, Barcelona Fall 2015

Barcelona became like a second home. I bonded deeply with everyone on the trip over the experience of living in a new place. I got to learn about my host family, and they were very gracious to share whatever I wanted to know about the culture to enrich my time there. We were gifted so many opportunities to get a taste of it all. From a cooking class to the Dalí Museum, flamenco and tapas, unlimited metro passes and the most grounded and helpful coordinators, my experience in Barcelona has shown me what a rich, diverse and exciting world awaits me beyond my comfort zone. So, do whatever it takes to get yourself there. It will be life-altering and completely worth it.

— Jackie Barr, Barcelona Fall 2012

The trip was miraculous, stupendous, life-changing.  No, that's not right, these adjectives fall short.  They don't truly express the experience.  I'm not sure such an inspiring and memorable experienced can be articulated using the English language, and even if it is possible, I don't know the right words.  The closest I can come to conveying the trip is by equating it to going to Disneyland.  Everything feels fake, a show, but then I realized this is real, this is not a dream.  And at that moment, I just shook my head and smiled to myself.  I hope this inspires future students to take the leap, to have faith that it will create a memory, a string of emotions that are truly indescribable, but every one impressionable.

— Sheldon Logan, Florence Spring 2014

Choosing to study abroad in London last year was the best choice I ever made. It was a real life changing experience for me because it was the first time I was living on my own in a foreign country. I learned so many new facts about Britain from the British Life and Culture class and from my home stay family. I also made many new friends who I am still in contact with. But the most memorable experience was to see one of my favorite actors perform Shakespeare with the Royal Shakespeare Company (RSC). I think about this trip often and I am on a mission to get back there soon. Thank you SRJC Study Abroad!

— Ilana Kimmelman, London Fall 2013

Paris, also known as “the city of lights” or “the city of love”, illuminates the soul with the sense of wonder. My study abroad semester was filled with precious moments that I will treasure for life. Paris to me was a dream, I had the chance to use French along the Seine, attend Easter mass in Notre Dame, buy books in the Latin Quarter, visit Napoleon’s tomb, and enjoy impressionist art in the Orsay. I miss savoring the crepes, the baguettes, the cheese, and the wine. My host family was welcoming, giving me a French perspective on life. I found myself in Paris after realizing that dreams really do come true.

— Glen Salazar, Paris Spring 2008