London Fall 2024 Classes

London Panorama with the Thames

Participants to London will take at least 4 classes. Everyone will be required to take the British Life & Culture class and at least one other class offered through their home school, and then any two others.  



santa rosa junior college – anne belden

JOUR 2 – News Gathering and News Writing
JOUR 52A – News Media Practice
MEDIA 4 – Intro to Mass Communication
INTDIS 90* - British Life and Culture

contra costa community college district - LD GREEN 

ENGL 124 – Children’s Literature
ENGL 132 – Literature of the Fantastic: Myth, Fantasy, and Science Fiction
ENGL 230 – Thinking and Writing Critically About Literature (PREQ - College Composition)
INDIS 100* - British Life and Culture

los rios community college district - GREGORY BEYRER 

HIST 302 – History of Europe since 1500
HIST 310 – History of the United States (to 1877)
HIST 311 – History of the United States (1865 – Present)
ANTH 391* - British Life and Culture

San mateo community college district – lindsey aYotte

COMM 127 – Argumentation & Debate
COMM 150 – Intercultural Communication
COMM 160 – Gender Communication
GBST 650* - British Life and Culture

*Student must enroll in the British Life & Culture course offered by the campus that processes their program application. This class is the same class for all four schools.