London Fall 2020 Classes

London Panorama with the Thames


All students will take at least 4 classes. Everyone is required to take the British Life & Culture class and at least one other class offered through their home school, and then any two others.

santa rosa junior college – anne marie insull

ENGL 1B – Literature and Composition (Preq: ENGL 1A or equiv.)
ENGL 3 – Introduction to Poetry (Preq: ENGL 1A or equiv.)
ENGL 4A – Beginning Creative Writing
INTDIS 90* - British Life and Culture

contra costa community college district – ken ALEXANDER

ART 007 – Medieval and Renaissance Art History (350-1550 CE)
ART 008 – Early Modern Art History (1550-1920 CE)
HUMAN 024 – Shakespeare’s English Kings
INTD 100* - British Life and Culture

los rios community college district – rick topinka

BIOL 300 – Foundations of Biology
BIOL 301 – Evolution
BIOL 375 – Marine Ecology
ANTH 391* - British Life and Culture

San mateo community college district – david laderman

FILM 122 – Film History Focus
FILM 130 – Film Directors
FILM 145 – Watching Quality Television
SOSC 650* - British Life and Culture

*Student must enroll in the British Life & Culture course offered by the campus that processes their program application. This class is the same class for all four schools.