Barcelona Fall 2023 Classes

Barcelona Fall 2019 Classes


* All students will take at least four classes. Everyone is required to take the Spanish Life & Culture class and at least one other class offered through their home school, and then any two others:

santa rosa junior college – panella

COMM 7 – Intercultural Communication
HUMAN 5 – World Humanities: Arts, Ideas, Values
HUMAN 7 – Introduction to the Humanities
INTDIS 90* - Spanish Life and Culture

contra costa community college district – SCOTT Macdougall

POLSC 220 – Comparative Politics
POLSC 250 – International Relations
SOCSC 123 – American Pop Culture
INTD 100* - Spanish Life and Culture

los rios community college district – ROXANNE MORGAN

ENGLT 340 – World Literature I (Ancient World to Early 17th Century)
ENGLT 341 – World Literature II (18th Century to Present)
ENGWR 301 – College Composition and Literature
ANTH 391* - Spanish Life and Culture

Note: ENGLT 340, ENGLT 341, & ENGWR 301 all have a prerequisite of College Composition (ENGL 1A or equivalent)

San mateo COUNTY community college district – jeremy ball

PHIL 100 – Introduction to Philosophy
PHIL 244 – Introduction to Ethics: Contemporary Social and Moral Issues
GBST 101 – Introduction to Global Studies
GBST 650* - Spanish Life and Culture

*Student must enroll in the Spanish Life & Culture course offered by the campus that processes their program application. This class is the same class for all four schools.