Florence Spring 2024 Classes


Florence Spring 2020 Application Process


Spring 2024 Classes

Proposed Class Offerings

* All students will take at least 4 classes and must carry a minimum of 12 units for the duration of the program. Everyone is required to take the Italian Life & Culture class and at least one other class offered through their home school, and then any two others.

santa rosa junior college – kirsten swinstrom

BIO 12 – Basic Concepts of Ecology
BIO 13 – Human Biology
BIO 14 – Current Issues in Biology
INTDIS 90* - Italian Life and Culture

contra costa community college district – John Corbally 

HIST 141 – History of Western Civilization since the Renaissance
HIST 142 – Contemporary European History
HIST 181 – World History since 1500
INTD 100* - Italian Life and Culture

los rios community college district – nancy olsen

ENGLT 308 – The Graphic Novel and Manga
ENGLT 345 – Mythologies of the World
ENGLT 380 – Introduction to Shakespeare
INDIS 351* - Italian Life and Culture

San mateo community college district – jessica marshall

ANTH 110 – Cultural Anthropology
ANTH 125 – Biological Anthropology
ANTH 200 – Ethnographic Film
SOSC 650* - Italian Life and Culture

*Student must enroll in the Italian Life & Culture course offered by the campus that processes their program application. This class is the same class for all four schools.